Don't just talk, say something

Tim Wise is an internationally recognised Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader, Storytelling Trainer, and Business Communicator. He helps business leaders amplify communications through Story On, Story Off.




As a proven communicator, Tim helps professionals build storytelling into everyday business.

From lead generation to sales, internal communications, and client retention, business storytelling is a skill that can be used throughout corporate structure. Drawing on lessons learnt as a co-founder of businesses like The Tap Doctor, Listen Clothing, and Wasabi Energy, Tim’s work is client-focused and outcomes-driven.

Why Tim?

Tim has overcome significant, real life challenges that everybody can relate to. He shares what he’s learnt in the process and draws audiences into his message through introspection and the power of Story On, Story Off. He helps his audience recognise they can control their inner story and change the direction of their lives. Tim empowers people to see that they have original and interesting stories, and equips them to communicate better every day in a business context.

Rediscover the power of storytelling

More than a ‘once upon a time’ tale.

Embodying a hands-on approach, Tim’s years as an entrepreneur and business owner means he can convey practical knowledge. Rather than rely on theory and hypotheticals, Tim uses authentic stories to effectively communicate lived experience business leaders can relate to.

‘Soft’ is the new ‘hard’.

Now more than ever, business owners are realising relational soft skills are just as important as hard skills. Staff are able to do measurably more learnt hard skills when these are underpinned by the ability to effectively communicate. There’s a place for strong communication at every workplace in any industry — Tim will show you how to harness it.