Humans are hardwired for stories

Tim believes that with the right support, anyone can become a storyteller — it’s simply of matter of harnessing the right tools to unlock a higher level of performance. And, with material specifically crafted for you and your audience, Tim equips and empowers you to reach the outcomes you’re aiming for.


Dig deeper

Stories can be used to communicate a point, make a sale, build relationships, share vision, present ideas in an engaging way, and more. Here’s how Tim can help you dig deeper and find your unique story.


Tim is a passionate speaker and Thought Leader who has worked with business people — at all stages of their careers — for over 25 years. He is known for his unique ability to connect with people at a deeper level and facilitate meaningful conversation. Tim’s desire to support clients in their goals through clear communication and enhanced personal awareness has made him an internationally renowned and sought-after speaker.

Training & Programs

As a relatable presenter, Tim has delivered training sessions to people in the banking, resources, legal, and small business sectors. Tim is equipped to run the internationally acclaimed Storytelling for Leaders® training program — a six-month program comprising a one day workshop and deliberate practice. Tim consistently receives positive feedback for Storytelling for Leaders® and has earnt a Net Promoter Score of 85 — he is also Anecdote’s preferred WA supplier.

Thought Leadership

As a prolific writer and accomplished Author, Tim also shares a number of thought-provoking articles and insights on his blog. To make sure you never miss an update, sign up for Tim’s eNewsletter below.